4-Step Campaign Overview

It can be difficult to begin conversations about life’s end, but we believe these conversations should take place BEFORE you face life-threatening illness or injury.

We’ve broken down the advance care planning process into four simple steps — Talk, Learn, Plan, and Notarize



How to start the conversation?

What is a durable power of attorney for healthcare?

How to choose a healthcare agent?



What exactly is an advance directive?

What kind of medical decisions can I make?

Why does completing one matter now?



What happens when your person/healthcare agentĀ isĀ your voice?

What paperwork do I complete?

Who should I tell about my advance directive?



What exactly is a notary?

Who can notarize an advance directive?

What happens after it’s notarized?

What is Decisions Day?

The talk, learn, and plan phases build upon each other to reach this moment — to finalize your advance healthcare directive. You are armed with key terminology and have engaged in meaningful conversations that reveal what’s important to you at life’s end. Now it’s time to notarize your document and show you Donut Fear the Reaper.

The BucketList +1 team can help Community Partners host an onsite “Decisions Day,” an event where notaries are on hand to make sure all completed advance directives are notarized and witnessed. While the date of the Decisions Day event can be tailored to meet the needs of the community, consider hosting a Decisions Day on or near April 16 – National Healthcare Decisions Day.