What is BucketList +1?

BucketList +1 is a multi-week, interactive awareness campaign that provides resources to help small and large communities begin comfortable conversations around death and dying.

The campaign is an approachable, lighthearted, and inclusive way to introduce the concepts of advance care planning and its importance at any stage in life.

More specifically, we highlight the importance of making your personal medical wishes known to loved ones by completing an advance healthcare directive.

This document names your durable power of attorney for healthcare  the person(s) to speak for you when you cannot speak yourself.

We provide four steps to guide your community
through the advance care planning process -


How It Works

  • Become a campaign partner

  • Identify your timeline and campaign leaders

  • Use the BucketList +1 Toolkit, staff, and

    materials to implement the campaign

  • Track campaign activities and participation

  • Host a Decisions Day

  • Celebrate the fact you’ve played an important role in educating yourself and the community.

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Becoming a Partner

Who can partner?

• The campaign is inclusive and adaptable for any age group. 

Small and large communities within an organization or business. Examples of partners include universities, churches, libraries, healthcare systems, nonprofit organizations, and businesses.

We invite you to schedule a visit with our team to discuss how BucketList+1 can serve your community. During the meeting, we will review the BucketList+1 Campaign Toolkit and the choices available to you for each step in the campaign.

Partner Support

Our partners receive a variety of resources to plan, implement, and budget their campaign:

  • #MyDeathMyPlan packets that contain an advance directive, educational materials, and activity sheet.
  • Access to facilitators with knowledge of end-of-life healthcare decisions.
  • Graphic design support and templates for promotional materials.
  • A refreshment credit for use at BucketList+1 conversations.
  • Access to supplies for campaign events.
Explore the complete details of a partnership and support provided by BucketList +1.