Members from the pilot campaign at Drury University (2018)

History of BucketList +1

BucketList +1 was created to address an important question:
What can be done to motivate young adults to participate in
conversations about end-of-life and advance care planning?

Communication students at Drury University set out to answer this question in Fall 2017 and crafted the BucketList +1 campaign, a set of interactive and educational experiences that promote conversation and action around end-of-life planning.

Throughout the research process, we noted that death was an unpleasant topic for many individuals. Others simply hadn’t been invited to the conversation.

Our strategy was to get people talking about their bucket list items (life goals) and then introduce the concept that choices about one’s healthcare at life’s end are just important as the choices they make for how to live their lives.

Thanks to a grant from the Hospice Foundation of the Ozarks, we piloted the campaign on campus in Spring 2018 and motivated nearly 90 students, teachers, and staff members to complete and notarize their advance healthcare directives on April 16, National Healthcare Decisions Day.

Looking Forward

While our original goal was to reach college-age adults, we were pleased to discover that our message resonated with adults of all ages.

We were emboldened to ask: How can BucketList +1 empower other groups, organizations, and communities to talk about end-of-life planning?

A second grant from the Hospice Foundation of the Ozarks is making it possible for the BucketList+1 campaign to reach audiences throughout Springfield, Missouri. We’ve designed an easy to use campaign toolkit and are inviting groups or organizations to sign-up as community partners to implement the campaign.

What’s the best part of the invitation? Community partners will receive resources and support from a BucketList+1 coordinator throughout the campaign period.

We invite your community to become part of the BucketList +1 story.

The BucketList +1 Team: Kim Morelock, Erin Hotchkiss, and Regina Waters